Robert Lynn Horne, MD                                  World Scouter            


Las Vegas International Scouting Museum

Dedication:  Why the Museum Was Established

This Museum is Dedicated to My Parents

Alma and Bob Horne

And My Grandmother

Alma Rasmussen

My Mother Was My First And Only Den Mother.

She Taught Me To Love Scouting And To Always Do My

Best. She Introduced Me To The Idea Of Collecting

Memorabilia To Preserve Scouting’s Heritage. 

My Father Was My First Tentmate,

And He Taught Me To Love the “Outing” In Scouting.

He Shared With Me His Lifelong Dedication To Serving Others.

My Grandmother Introduced Me To National And

World Jamborees, And Shared My Enthusiasm For The Fun

Of Scouting. She Guided Me To See World Jamborees

As Great Facilitators Of World Peace That Teach Scouts Of

Every Nation To Love One Another.

Without Their Love, Guidance, Encouragement And Vision,

This Museum Would Not Have Been Created.

May Those Who Visit The Las Vegas International

Scouting Museum Long Remember How Important Parents

Are In The Successes Their Children Achieve.

Robert Lynn Horne, M.D.

June 25th, 1999

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