Robert Lynn Horne, MD                                  World Scouter            


Order of the Arrow

Became an Ordeal Member of Caddo Lodge #149, April, 1962

Became a Brotherhood Member, April, 1963

Became a Vigil Honor Member, April, 1966

Distinguished Service Award, 1986

Caddo Lodge #149:  4/1962-12/1973

    Offices held:  Unit Elections Chairman, Camping Promotions Chairman,

                           Dance Team Chairman, Ceremonies Team Chairman,

                           Lodge Secretary, Lodge Chief, Section Vice-Chief

     Adult Positions of Service:  Ceremonial Team Adviser, Dance Team Adviser

Shawnee Lodge #51:  6/1973-12/76

       Served as:  Unit Elections Adviser

Unami Lodge #1:  3/1975-12/76

        Served as:  Ceremonial Team Adviser

Delmont Lodge #43:  7/76-12/79

        Served as:  Chapter Adviser

Miquin Lodge #68:  7/79-12/83

        Served as:  Elangomat Adviser, Lodge Adviser

Sanheikan Lodge #2:  1/84-12/86

        Served as:  Chapter Adviser

Nebagamon Lodge #312:  3/86-Present

        Served as:  Elangomat Adviser, Vigil Honor Committee Adviser,

                           Unit Elections Committee Adviser

Gamenowinik Lodge #555:  2/2004-2009

        Served as:  Lodge Adviser